karrion kross
Photo Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross Shares How He Recovered From An Elbow Injury In NXT In Less Than 24 Hours

Recently, the leader of the Final Testament Karrion Kross shared an untold tale about an elbow injury that he had suffered.

The People’s Champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had posted on Twitter that he suffered an elbow injury and is undergoing treatment.

“Functional medicine, holistic medicine, modern medicine – I’m an advocate for it all when we get banged up. But don’t sleep on the power of the “healing Teremana hooch” ?? Sunshine & pain ??? Smashing em up soulman ??️,” The Rock tweeted.

Upon seeing the tweet, the former NXT World Champion Karrion Kross took to his Twitter to share a video of how he got treated for an elbow injury. Kross revealed that seeing the Rock’s video reminded him of his injury. The leader of the Final Testament also shared that he never told anybody, and also avoided taking time off. He got his elbow drained moments after the injury and went on to wrestle the very next day.

“Just saw a video The Rock posted of his elbow & reminded me of this. Doing cardio now after training and decided to share. Enjoy — The story here is when I was @WWENXT Champion, Gargano jumped me with Theory- JG smashed me in the face along with my elbow with my own championship. I was told it may require time off. Looked it up, saw an option to drain it immediately and had that done before I even left the building. Hit the gym the next day and worked the following show. Never mentioned a word about it. Crazy things happen all the time in our business. Gotta roll with it- and ALWAYS have to want it more than what your setbacks bring you. I have tons of stories (and crazy videos) like this from over the years. Love it all,” Karrion Kross tweeted.

What is the scariest injury you have ever witnessed inside a wrestling ring?