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Cody Rhodes Was Only Given Two Baby Aspirins For Hell In A Cell 2022 And Happy To Have Them

One of the biggest and most talked about matches in the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes’ career, is the Hell in a Cell match. He wrestled the match with a torn pectoral muscle. It was a gruesome visual to see his chest and Tricep all bruised up.

Recently, while talking on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Cody Rhodes shared that he only took two baby aspirin tablets before the match and thought he puke in front of the crowd.

“I think I get a little… Matt [Cardona] can tell you. I’m a fairly petty individual. I get very petty on uh… when I see on social [media], people think I was on some sort of medication. And I will tell you the God’s honest truth. I was hoping for some extra strength-Tylenol and I was hoping for something. But when I went to… It was Larry in the training room, looking for some anti-inflammatories. And I was given, I kid you not, two! Two baby aspirins. That is it. That two baby Aspirins and I was happy to have them.

“And then, right in the early part of the match, I thought I was going to puke. Because it’s that feeling when you have been punched in the nose. Or it was… When you’ve been hit so hard when your body wasn’t ready. You took a fall from way higher up or whatever it is. I thought that, ‘This won’t go much longer.’ I thought for sure that I was going to literally vomit in front of the audience. And then I kind of found a second wind. Then near the end of it, I felt like I could have benched that 315 and just been repping it out. But, shortly thereafter, all that pain set in,” Cody Rhodes said.

“He’s ruined it for everyone with torn pecs”

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Matt Cardona about his torn pectoral injury. Pritchard said it sounded similar to Cody Rhodes’ situation at Hell In A Cell, where Cardona couldn’t do any more damage, so it was OK to stay at the show. Cardona joked that Cody “ruined” torn pecs because of his now-infamous appearance at the 2022 event.

“And that’s another thing too right? Poor Cody with that injury and everything he overcame. But he’s ruined it for everyone with torn pecs after. Because I’m not sure if pec [tears] look as bad as Cody’s or worse. You can’t be posting that on social media. So, yeah, of course, I had my bad bruising down my arm, on my pec,” Cardona said. “But I’m like, ‘I can’t even post this because it is nothing compared to Cody’s.’ So it’s like, ‘Let’s not even post a photo until I’m getting surgery until I got the gown on and everything.’ Because what’s the point?”

Cardona said his arm looked “pretty gross” at the time, but knows it will get better. He’s also aware of what it looks like now, alluding to his “caption this” post on social media. Cardona knew it would blow up on social media, but the reactions to that post are just one more way Cardona can keep a connection with his fanbase until he returns to the ring.

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