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Chad Gable: Heel Turn Was ‘Kind Of My Idea’

Chad Gable discusses his heel turn and recalls feeling like he had “flatlined” as a babyface.

Chad Gable had been a fan-favorite star on WWE RAW. But after multiple failed attempts to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, he turned heel on Sami Zayn. He has continued to chase the title ever since.

Speaking on The Gorilla Position, Chad Gable discussed his heel turn. He explained how it was “kind of” his idea.

“The whole idea to turn heel was kind of my idea,” Chad Gable said. “I felt like I flatlined as a babyface somewhere around WrestleMania. I came up short against Gunther a few times. Came up short against Sami. At a certain point, something has to change, or people are not going to buy into you any further. I had the idea, ‘Let’s do it,’ it just so happened we were going to be in Montreal, Sami’s hometown, the week after Mania when I was having that match. I was like, ‘there could not be a better place to do this thing.’

“We made it happen and the stars aligned. I feel like it’s worked out in our favor. Since then, Otis is this perfect sympathetic guy that you can’t help buy feel bad for. We have everything in our favor working for us.” (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

Chad Gable previously discussed his heel run and noted that he was being himself. Check out his comments here.

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