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Photo Credit: WWE

Steve Austin Receives Adorable Father’s Day Gift From His Cats

Steve Austin is loving his first Father’s Day as a cat dad.

Last month, Stone Cold made the switch from being a dog man to a cat dad. He adopted two cats, naming them Pancho and Macho. The latter of which was named for “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Drew McIntyre also gave him some advice about raising his cats.

Steve Austin posted a video to social media (via Dark Puroresu Flowsion), where he received a Father’s Day gift from his cats. He sat down on his chair to discover a letter and a iced bucket of beer from his Pancho and Macho, which almost brought a tear to the Texas Rattlesnakes eye.

He read out the letter “from” the two cats, before sitting in his chair to enjoy a Broken Skull beer with his cats.

“Getting read to kind of shut these guys down for the evening. Still a bit early, but its Father’s Day so…anyway. There’s the air conditioner I hooked up for them. And then here… what the fuck? Check this out! A bucket of beer on ice. A letter. ‘Dad. To the best dad in the world. Happy Father’s Day. PS. We wanted to get you a card, but mom would not let us take the car into town. Love, Pancho and Macho’.”

“Goddang! If I wasn’t the toughest son of a bitch in the world, I’d start crying like a baby. These fucking cats! They never cease to amaze me. And they put this in my chair, thats where I sit. Pancho, you little motherfucker! You’re the best cat in the world! I love it buddy!”

The WWE Hall of Famer then began to talk about the beers the cats gave him for Father’s Day, before calling them the “Best fucking cats in the world”.