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The Undertaker Notes The Novelty Of Fans Getting To Know Mark Calaway Better

Ever since retiring from professional wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has been showing fans his real personality. While speaking on the most recent episode of the Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway podcast, The Deadman shared how he is glad that fans are getting to see ‘Mark’ more.

The Undertaker also joked that since he is no longer in character, some fans might feel that Mark Calaway has ruined their entire childhood.

“Yeah [Fans are getting to know who Mark Calaway really is]. I think that’s kind of the novelty of it. It is to hear me, hear Mark. And not… And then still funny people talking about, ‘It’s funny hearing him talk like a normal person.’ I don’t have the Undertaker voice. And then I get… I also get the, I ruined their childhood when I broke Kayfabe. I’m the only one that Kayfabed. I was the last one. And then I’m the one that ruined everybody’s childhood. Because I was the one that broke Kayfabe last. So, like… Really?” 

The Undertaker broke character while speaking to Mark Henry

The Deadman also shared a funny story of how he broke out laughing when Mark Henry was talking about the time he threatened to kill Shawn Michaels and the rest of the Kliq.

“Well, it was Mark breaking [character]. Because I remembered, so I don’t have to be… I don’t have to keep a straight face anymore. So, as soon as he said it, and he said it so nonchalant, that was the thing. I couldn’t cuz I remember the whole thing and I was just like [mimics laughter], cuz Mark… Mark… You’ve [Chris Van Vliet] interviewed Mark Henry?

“Yeah. So, Mark [Henry] not smiling is a very intimidating man. But Mark smiling is, it’s like a big old teddy bear. Right? There’s such a contrast. But man, he said that and I couldn’t… I know he was being serious and he meant it. But I couldn’t help it. Cuz, I can’t tell you how many times with Mark he would call me at different times of the night, ‘Dead, I’m about to kill somebody.’ And I’m like, ‘Mark, let’s think about this. Let’s talk about it Mark.’ ‘No. They done did this to…’ I’m like, ‘Okay, but Mark, let’s pump the brakes a little bit. Cuz you know what’s going to happen if you hurt somebody.’ ‘I know. But they need to quit f****** with me.’ [Laughs] ‘I know they do Mark. I know, but…’” The Undertaker said. 

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