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Photo Credit: Mercedes Moné via Twitter

Mercedes Moné Celebrates On The Court After Boston Celtics NBA Championship Win

Mercedes Moné was at the TD Garden to watch the Boston Celtics clinch their 18th NBA Championship.

The AEW star is from Boston, Massachusetts. She debuted for AEW at their Big Business show, in the same arena the Celtics took home the NBA trophy. Just like the Celtics last night, she won the TBS title at AEW Double or Nothing last month.

They beat the Dallas Mavericks 106-88 to complete a 4-1 series victory in the NBA Finals. The AEW star was just one of many big names photographed at the historic match.

In a video posted on Twitter, Mercedes Mone showed herself celebrating on the court after the Celtics won the NBA Trophy. As confetti fell around her, she twirled on the court with her TBS Championship, celebrating the huge victory for her hometown team.

She even wore her hair in green, gold and black, which are the team’s signature colors.

Mercedes Mone also posted a photo of herself taken during the game. She wore a Boston Celtics jersey, and the TBS Championship was draped over her shoulder.

Mercedes Mone Revealed How Tony Khan Lent Her His Private Jet To See Her Brother

Mercedes Mone has revealed the selfless gesture Tony Khan did for her last week

She posted on Twitter about how the AEW president gave her access to his private jet, in order to see her brother at home. He was ill at the time, and is severely autistic, and she showed immense gratitude in the post.

“This week, I’ve had to rely on my strength during the toughest of times. As I mentioned before, my brother’s health has not been good – a subject I tend to remain incredibly guarded over. I called Mojo Rawley and Samurai del Sol, who within minutes rushed over to my house in Orlando to assist knowing that I was halfway across the states & the importance of him receiving some much needed care.”

“One blessing I received came from the immediate response as I called Tony Khan to relay what was going on. Without hesitation, Tony said he would help and let me take his jet to Orlando. No lie, I’m actually crying tears of joy and gratitude as I write this. I’m so blessed and grateful to be working at a company like AEW and to have a leader whose motto is “family first.” And I think that truly goes to show how much love and support is around us, even when we least expect it.”