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Triple H: I Would Like For Chad Gable To Be With WWE Forever

Triple H wants Chad Gable to stay with WWE for a long time to come.

Ahead of WWE Clash at the Castle, Chad Gable confirmed that he re-signed with WWE. His contract was coming up, leaving his future up in the air, but he opted to remain with the company.

Speaking at the WWE Clash at the Castle post-show, Triple H commented on Chad Gable’s performance at the show, where he faced Sami Zayn.

“Chad Gable, proving again he is just one of the best pure athletes that we have on the roster and in the world,” Triple H said. “His athletic ability, the things he brings to the table are second to none. He’s an incredible performer. 

“Gable again showing up tonight and just taking it to another level, which I’m very happy for him and excited that he is going to be where he should be, which is here in the WWE for a long time to come.”

Triple H On Chad Gable Re-Signing

Triple H was subsequently asked about Chad Gable re-signing with the company and the talks they had.

“The truth is, he’s an amazing performer,” Triple H said. “I would like for him to be here forever, for him to be able to perform at the highest level, be seen by the most people, have an incredible career, leave here as healthy as possible. But the environment has changed, and he is a part of that change. So to me, it would have been a shame…I would have been sad if he had been here all this time and he just went elsewhere for whatever reason. I would have been happy for him if that was right for him. I would have wished him incredible success wherever he went. That’s part of the game, that’s part of this business. But he’s an incredible performer.”

Triple H went on to say that, regarding their talks, that was not his business to discuss. He emphasized that he was thrilled that Chad Gable was staying with WWE, and he was excited to move forward.

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