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Bayley Was Moved To Tears By The Crowd At Backlash France

The WWE Universe still loves Bayley all over the globe.

Bayley is the current WWE Women’s Champion. She beat former faction member IYO SKY at WrestleMania 40 to earn the gold. Since then, she has been successfully defending the championship. One of her recent title defenses at a Premium Live Event was at Backlash, which took place in Lyon, France.

Recently, while speaking to Metro.co.uk ahead of the Clash at the Castle PLE, Bayley revealed that she was moved by the French crowd.

“That match with Naomi and Tiffany [Stratton], not only did I have so much fun in that match, but that crowd – I was moved to tears afterwards. It was so special. That’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend as well (referring to the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event).”

The Role Model also shared that she was feeling emotionally down before the Backlash match.

“Literally leading into that pay-per-view on the plane, I was just feeling so defeated and down,” Bayley recalled. “Just a little run down. We don’t have off seasons here, so as excited I was to perform and defend the title, I was just a little mentally run down. But at SmackDown [on the first night], that fricking crowd just lifts you up.

“It’s so real when we say you guys give us energy and give us life. It’s so real to us, to our bodies – physically and emotionally, it’s what keeps us going, and that is what I needed.”

Bayley is beyond excited about being the fan-favorite Superstar again

Bayley had been playing the heel character for over two years. At Royal Rumble 2024, she was the favorite to win the Women’s Rumble, and so she did. Since then, the fans have been behind her. She turned full babyface leading into WrestleMania 40. In the same interview with Metro.co.uk, she shared that now, she feels like this is the most full she has ever felt.

“I feel like this is the most full I’ve felt in a long time, you know? I think I was missing that. The connection with the fans in a way of being like, on the same side together, rather than fighting each other – it feels like that’s what I was missing for the last couple years,” Bayley said.

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What do you think of Bayley’s WWE Women’s Championship run so far?