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The Bunny Says She’s Taking A ‘Little Break’ From Wrestling, Comments On Potential TNA Return

The Bunny discusses her current status in wrestling and comments on her future.

The Bunny, also known as Allie, joined AEW in 2019. She last wrestled in September 2023, and she left AEW in November.

During a virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, The Bunny discussed what she had been up to. She noted that she was taking a break from the ring, as she was working on other projects. (H/t Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling for the transcription)

“I’m figure skating right now and I’m loving it,” The Bunny said. “I’m acting and I’m taking a little hiatus from breaking my body weekly… 19 years, I think I deserve a little break so, never say never but as of right now, I’m really enjoying my figure skating and acting. It’s very fun. But oh! And I have a project coming but I can’t talk about it yet but I do have a project coming which is very exciting. It’s horror-related.”

The Bunny On Potential TNA Return

The Bunny went on to note that she could potentially come back to “life” in TNA after she was previously written of by entering the Undead Realm.

“I could be resurrected [in TNA],” The Bunny said. Absolutely. I think my soul is in the Undead Realm at the moment… (It was mentioned that she’s in the Undead Realm because she was around Rosemary too often) Not never enough. Not long enough. She’s my favorite. I love her, I love the demon, I love it all. I had so much fun at TNA.”

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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