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Kevin Kelly Says He Plans To Sue AEW

Kevin Kelly intends to sue AEW following his firing in March.

Kevin Kelly joined AEW as a commentator for AEW Collision in June 2023. He was reportedly fired in March after he publicly expressed his issues with AEW commentator Ian Riccaboni and the way the company handled the matter. Kelly previously discussed his departure, and he has also said that he was taking legal action.

Speaking with Eric Bischoff on Wise Choices, Kevin Kelly was asked whether he planned to sue AEW. (H/t Ian Carey of or the transcription)

“Yeah, of course,” Kelly said.

When asked about AEW CEO Tony Khan and the environment in the company, Kelly noted that Khan had good people around him, but he did not utilize them.

“He’s got good people around him that he doesn’t utilize,” Kevin Kelly said. “His vision of what wrestling is, for me, works best on a small scale. People always wonder why did PWG stay small? Well they knew, I think, they knew if they went big it would go stale fast.”

“(Tony Khan) wants to appeal to a niche audience with his vision of wrestling. But he thinks he can convince the people to watch on a grand scale. The other thing he’s done, he’s made himself the face of the company. He’s the one going now on TV interviews.”

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