frankie kazarian
Photo Credit: TNA

Frankie Kazarian Comments On Appearing On 6/18 WWE NXT

Frankie Kazarian blames Joe Hendry for his loss on WWE NXT.

TNA’s Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian both competed on the June 18 episode of WWE NXT. They participated in a battle royal where the winner would earn a shot at the NXT Championship. Kazarian quickly eliminated Hendry from the match, which was won by Je’Von Evans.

In a tweet, TNA shared a clip in which Frankie Kazarian commented on his appearance.

“You know, tonight, like all great kings, I was planning on expanding my kingdom,” Frankie Kazarian said. “The King of TNA was gonna become the King of NXT. But what happens? Joe Hendry, corny-ass one-trick pony, you show up, and you steal my thunder. What happened?

“I took your ass out immediately. If you hadn’t shown up and thrown me off my game, I would have won, and I would become NXT Champion. Joe Hendry, all you are is an obstacle everywhere I go. NXT, you’re welcome.”

Kazarian then took to Twitter and commented on his appearance. He noted that eliminating Joe Hendry and hearing “all the marks” whine about it were satisfying.

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