AEW Blood & Guts
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Skye Blue Wants to Be The First Woman To Compete In A Blood & Guts Match

The Blood & Guts Match is one of AEW’s popular stipulation matches. With the special event coming up in July, Skye Blue has made it clear that she wants to be in one of them.

While speaking on Wrestfriends, Skye Blue expressed her love for the Blood & Guts matches.

“I love Blood and Guts so much. That is my favorite Dynamite to watch. This past one, I didn’t have… I was at work but I didn’t have to wrestle. So I went and like, there’s like a little part of the, like behind where the cameras are, that you can just sit and watch.

“I sat with like a bunch of our friends that like… They were a couple of the drivers and the production people. And we just sat and watched. And I was like, ‘I want to be in that cage so badly,’ and everybody would just be like, ‘No Skye. Stop it. No. Sit down.’ And I was like, ‘No guys, come on. This could be really cool.’ To be the first woman to have a Blood and Guts match would be… I would cry.” 

Skye Blue Wants To Compete In More Hardcore Matches

Skye Blue also mentioned that she would love to compete in more hardcore matches.

“I love what Willow [Nightingale] and [Kris] Stat[lander] are doing,” Skye Blue said. “I can’t wait for Julia [Hart] to come back. And all the other… Like, there’s so many women that I want to wrestle. I almost want to wrestle everybody. But I want to… I don’t know, I kinda want to make history and do more Hardcore matches. More Street Fights. Sorry, Mom. Don’t kill me. I just want to make my mark on AEW. And make it like a positive one. I wanna show that the girls can do exactly what the guys can do. [Sorry Kyle] If not better.”

WrestleZone will provide more information about AEW Blood & Guts as it becomes available.

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