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TNA iMPACT Results (6/20/24): What’s Next For The System?

TNA iMPACT Results – June 20, 2024

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a recap of last Friday’s Against All Odds.

The System come to the ring to celebrate their success at Against All Odds. Alisha Edwards shrieks on the microphone as the crowd relentlessly boos her. Alisha says she’s trying to smarten these people up and they should be grateful for witnessing history. She claims The System is the most dominant force in professional wrestling.

Eddie Edwards says they are the number one supergroup in the world of pro wrestling. Brian Myers questions when the crowd is going to get it and how many more people The System is gonna have to beat up to prove their point. The crowd chants “Edge’s bitch” at Myers. Myers hands the microphone to Johnny “Dango” Curtis, who says he was sitting at home for three months not booked, overlooked, and underappreciated.

Curtis says he questioned himself if he could still do this thing he’s done his entire life. Curtis says he’s one of the best pro wrestlers in the entire world, and everyone in the back knows it. The crowd lets him know that he, in fact, sucks instead. Dango runs down his history with everyone in The System. Curtis says everyone in the group has his back and promises Moose that he can trust him.

Moose tells Curtis to slow his role and tells him they appreciate that he’s done but he’s not part of The System yet. Moose says he is unbeatable and there isn’t a single soul in that locker room that can beat him. Santino Marella interrupts Moose and comes to ringside.

The Road to Slammiversay

Santino Marella says he’ll give credit where credit is due and says he’s having an impression title reign but the way he does things makes him a son of a gun. Marella says there will be a Road to Slammiversary over the next few weeks, where five competitors will be determined to face Moose for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Marella books Dango in a match with Ryan Nemeth later on tonight.

The first Road to Slammiversary match will be Josh Alexander taking on Eric Young and that will be tonight’s main event!

Chris Bey and Ace Austin are backstage feeling good about their win last week at Against All Odds. Ace Austin says they need one more big victory next week to take them into their rematch against The System for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

Spitfire defeated The Hex

  • Spitfire hits a double-team Burning Hammer/Alabama Slam combination on Marti Belle. Jody Threat scores the pinfall victory for her team.

Alan Angels hosts Sound Check backstage with KUSHIDA. Angels says there is no one in TNA he’d rather be asking questions to, but before he does that, they play a recap of what’s been going on between him and Jonathan Gresham. Angels asks KUSHIDA to explain what he just saw. KUSHIDA says Gresham is making everyone sick, and he’s trying to figure out the cure.

Angels accuses him of trying to sell a fake cure which leads to KUSHIDA getting in his face and challenging him to a match on iMPACT next week.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Ace Steel in a Chicago Street Fight

  • Frankie Kazarian hits Ace Steel with Fade to Black on a steel chair to score the pinfall victory.

After the match, Karzian puts Steel in a chicken wing which brings out Joe Hendry, who hits Kazarian with a Standing Ovation to save the day.

Mustafa Ali has a new plan…

Mustafa Ali is backstage with Campaign Singh who demands they put together a team to figure out who leaked that video with the horrible audio last week at Against All Odds. Ali says he will deliver a State of the Union address to the people next week on TNA iMPACT.

An in-ring date takes place between Steph De Lander and PCO. The date ends up getting interrupted by AJ Francis and Rich Swann of First Cla$$. You can watch everything that went down in the embedded videos below.

Ash by Elegance defeated Heather Reckless

  • Ash by Elegance hits Heather Reckless with Rarified Air to score the pinfall victory.

After the match, Ash continued her assault on Heather and tried to hit her with the Juggernaut Driver which brought out Jordynne Grace. Grace beat down Ash and went to hit her with the Juggernaut Driver until Ash’s Personal Concierge hit her from behind. Grace backed the Concierge into the corner, which allowed Ash to recover and take out Grace before posing with the Knockouts Championship.

Ash By Elegance has angered The Juggernaut

Jordynne Grace is backstage and is upset about what Ash By Elegance did at NXT Battleground and tonight on iMPACT. Grace says she’s going to talk to Santino Marella because she wants to get things handled once and for all.

Johnny “Dango” Curtis defeated Ryan Nemeth

  • JDC hits Ryan Nemeth with Down and Dirty to score the pinfall victory.

After the match, Curtis, Edwards, and Myers attacked Nemeth. Nic hits the ring to make the save for his brother.

It’s time…for the main event!

Josh Alexander defeated Eric Young in a Road to Slammiversary Qualifier match

  • Josh Alexander hits Eric Young with the C4 Spike to score the pinfall victory.

Alexander and Young hug it out as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

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