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Vince Russo Believes He Was Better Than 80% Of WCW Roster As An On-Air Character

Vince Russo has made quite a bold claim about the WCW roster during his time there.

The former WWE writer became the head of creative at WCW in 1999, after he and Ed Ferrara split from Vince McMahon‘s promotion. His era in charge is widely considered to be one of the low points in the company’s history.

Worked shoots, nonsensical storylines and ridiculous World Champions littered WCW Monday Nitro. With the likes of David Arquette and even Vince Russo himself holding the belt, it did a lot of damage to the already struggling brand.

Despite his failings in the ring and behind the scenes, Vince Russo has a high opinion of his character. During the “Who Killed WCW?” (via WrestlingInc) documentary, he claimed he was a better character than “80% of the roster.

“I’m just going to be one thousand percent completely honest with you: as far as an on-air character? I felt that I was better than 80% of that roster,”

“I made the mistake of saying ‘You know what? ‘F it, if you want ratings, I will go out there and get ratings myself. I almost got killed, bro. I almost got killed!”

Vince Russo Doubled Down On The Claim On Twitter

If you thought that Vince Russo may have had a change of heart since the documentary was filmed, you would be wrong.

He doubled down on Twitter, claiming WCW had a big roster and he was simply speaking from the heart. He ended it by calling everybody “marks” for seeing him differently than he viewed himself.

“Wow, some can’t handle the “I was better than 80% of the Talent” Comment. Remember—WCW had a VERY BIG ROSTER. Am I sorry I said it? Not at all. I don’t say anything I don’t mean. It’s all on Peacock—I’ll let my heat Speak for itself. Matter of Fact, I was so convincing that some TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER—People STILL BELIEVE I was That Guy. Marks.”