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Photo Credit: AEW

Athena Says She’s Out For Four To Six Months Due To Injury

Athena revealed the extent of her latest injury, while shocking the crowd by keeping the championship.

The ROH Women’s World Champion has held the belt for over 500 days. She won the title from Mercedes Martinez at ROH Final Battle 2022 and has held it in dominant fashion ever since.

However, Athena reportedly suffered an injury last week on Ring of Honor. While it was initially reported to be not as bad as first feared, Athena had something different to say in her promo on TV.

Athena spoke on Ring of Honor this week, addressing the crowd about rumors of her injury. While tearing up, Athena revealed she tore “a couple of ligaments” in her ankle. She is facing up to six months out of the ring, much to the shock and sadness of the crowd.

“If you are online and follow the ‘Dirty sheets’, you may have seen that I took a bad spill and um… yeah, its not great guys.I just really want you guys to hear this from me,” she explained. “I could come out here and spit a whole bunch of medical mumbo jumbo, but I think what you all want to hear is how long, right?”

“I ended up tearing a couple of ligaments in my ankle,” Athena said. “Right now, it’s looking between four-to-six months.”

Athena Refuses To Relinquish The ROH Women’s Championship

Athena continued. She refused to give up her title, revealing she wanted to be the Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion forever.

“I have single-handedly put this whole division on my back. It means the world to me, and I know it means the world to every woman in the back that has an opportunity to come out here and perform in front of you guys. And I’ve also been thinking, ‘this is not how I thought my championship reign will end’. So i have decided that it is best for the division, it is best for Ring of Honor, it is best for MIT, my sisters on stage with, if I keep the Ring of Honor Women’s world championship around my waist!”

“This is not how my story ends. This is not how my reign ends, because I am going to be your Ring of Honor Women’s world champion forever!”.

After that, Queen Aminata and Red Velvet came out to accuse Athena of faking an injury. Billie Starks and Red Velvet tussled on the stage, before Starkz accidentally knocked Athena down. She writhed in pain, with the commentary teamed shocked at what they had witnessed.