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Matt Hardy Had Talks With WWE About Working With The Wyatt Sick6 Down The Road, Feels Energized In TNA

Matt Hardy has had conversations about doing something with the Wyatt Sick6 in the future.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the TNA Wrestling star reveals he did have conversations with WWE regarding the Wyatt Sick6 and the door open for him to do something with them in the future due to his history with Bray Wyatt.

“The group was established,” Matt said. “But there were some conversations that I took part in that maybe down the road there might be something, especially because of my history with Bray.”

Matt Hardy feels energized, utilized, and optimized in TNA Wrestling

In the meantime, Matt Hardy is happy to be working in TNA Wrestling alongside his brother. Hardy states that while they are committed to working with TNA over the next couple of months, neither he nor Jeff are under contract and are still currently free agents.

“We’re both free agents. We don’t have any contract,” Matt confirmed. “We’re just doing TNA per appearance right now, and we’ve agreed to work with them for a couple of months, and then we’re not opposed to extending that. If they wanted to offer something, we would have a conversation with them. Because it’s been really good. I’ve really enjoyed my time there, and it’s been fun, and I feel energized. It’s nice because I feel utilized, I feel optimized.”

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What do you make of Matt Hardy’s comments? Would you like to see him do something with the Wyatt Sick6 in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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