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Shotzi: Bray Wyatt Inspired Me To Become A Wrestler, I Wish I Could Have Told Him That

Shotzi wishes she had told Bray Wyatt that he inspired her to become a professional wrestler.

WWE Superstar Shotzi was the most recent guest on WWE Tattooed. When asked about her latest tattoo, Shotzi revealed it was the Bray Wyatt firefly logo that she got right below her knee shortly after his death.

“There is one recent tattoo I got. It’s actually the most recent tattoo I got a little Bray moth after he passed,” Shotzi revealed. “I got it with a bunch of people, a lot of crew mostly, Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross. We all went and got tattoos after the memorial show.

“The reason I really wanted a Bray Memorial tattoo was because he really inspired me to start wrestling. I was a big theater girl, and I had just left musical theater college, and I moved back home. I decided that I wasn’t gonna do musical theater anymore, but I still wanted a performing outlet.

“And I started watching WWE again, and me and my sister just fell in love with the Wyatt Family, like we wanted to be the girl version of them. And after watching them, I decided that I was going to start wrestling. I immediately signed up for wrestling school and started two weeks later.”

When asked if she had ever told Bray Wyatt that story, Shotzi admits she didn’t because she’s so shy about things but wishes that she had done it now.

“No, and I really regret that,” Shotzi said. “I really wish that I could have, but I’m so shy and silly, and it seems so stupid to me now. I really wish that I could have told him that.”

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