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Jim Ross Comments On Potential Crossover Between WWE And AEW

Jim Ross says nothing is impossible, but he can’t see WWE working with AEW in a crossover scenario right now.

WWE has been working with other companies recently, as seen with multiple crossovers with TNA and the announcement that AJ Styles will compete at a NOAH event in July.

Speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross was asked whether he could see a scenario where WWE and AEW would have some sort of crossover.

“It’s hard to see it, but nothing’s impossible, apparently,” Jim Ross said. “But it’s something I can’t fathom right now. I can’t fathom it right now. I can’t see…I think WWE will take in boarders and renters for their space, but to keep them permanently might be a stretch. But I think it’s a good idea.

“The wrestling fans, they like new, they like change. They like surprises. There’s not too many great talents that are working. Wherever you can find them, and they’re willing to, who’s not winning to come to WWE or AEW? Because the work is steady, and the pay is good, and they know they’re getting paid.”

Jim Ross: Crossover Is Good For Wrestling

Jim Ross continued by noting that he didn’t expect to see extended partnerships. He expressed his hope that he was wrong because he thought bringing new talent in was good for wrestling. He emphasized that he wanted to see the talent get every opportunity to become stars.

“But I don’t see extended partnerships, and I hope I’m wrong because I think it’s good for wrestling when you got new talent in and they’re given opportunity, they’re motivated, they’re skilled. It’s good stuff,” Jim Ross said. “I’m enjoying the current climate of pro wrestling.

“I like the fact these guys are getting a shot to become stars, bigger stars, and develop their game, and give them hope that there’s bigger money down the road if they deliver, and at least I hope so. I want these guys to get every opportunity to become stars.”

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