Ultimo Guerrero Kazuchika Okada AEW Collision
Photo Credit: AEW

Último Guerrero Comments On Issues With Mask During Match On 6/22 AEW Collision

Último Guerrero addresses the negative feedback.

CMLL legend Último Guerrero faced Kazuchika Okada on the June 22 episode of AEW Collision. Many fans were surprised to see Guerrero wrestling with a mask, as he previously lost it at the CMLL Anniversario card in 2014. At the end of Guerrero’s match against Okada, Okada pulled the mask, and the CMLL star put it back on. Fans in attendance also noted that Guerrero’s mask came off at multiple points in the match.

In a post on Facebook, Último Guerrero discussed the issues he had regarding his mask, noting that he did not have a mask with him when he got to the arena, as he did not think he would be wrestling with a mask.

Último Guerrero’s Message

Último Guerrero’s message can be seen below. (H/t John Pollock of POST Wrestling for the translation)

“A story to tell I came to the dressing room of the recording location for AEW at the collision function unforeseen for me from one day to the next where I had to fight with mask and it turns out I have no masks arriving at the location they realized there is no mask immediately a company worker was ordered to make an unusual mask he made it as he could reflecting the loyalty he has to his work within an hour or so checking and worrying why I looked good.

“Everyone criticizing why he pulls out that mask and I’m thinking about the sacrifice of this person my respect because it’s the work of a great working man of AEW represents my sacrifice and that’s why I put it on and went up with it. sometimes many people do something for us and we do not take them into account with pride I will keep this mask.”

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