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Photo Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross Accuses Kofi Kingston Of Being A Psychopath

Karrion Kross has accused Kofi Kingston of being a psychopath as he prepares to face him on Raw this week.

While the New Day previously refused to ever break up, recent reports indicate it could happen sooner rather than later. Karrion Kross could be the man to facilitate the change for Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, as he released a full character study on Kingston recently.

Karrion Kross released a 13-minute “case study” on Kofi Kingston on Twitter. The leader of “The Final Testament” denied being a “violent guy”, claiming only to be protecting himself when he does inflict violence inside the ring.

He then analysed a clip that Kingston posted to social media, where he attacked Kross. Kross determined that his behavior in the video showed Narcasssitic and sociopathic tendencies, and he accused the former WWE Champion of taking all the spotlight from teammate Xavier Woods.

“You’ll notice Kofi puts himself immediately in the camera with a disingenuous smile, then he leans back. Right away, this is a behavioural pattern of somebody who is narcissistic and a total psychopath. All of the focus and attention is immediately on him, which we’ve seen him do his entire career, standing next to Xavier Woods.” Karrion Kross said.

“The disingenuous smile is obviously a concerning thing. You’ll also notice the setting of this video. Its in his private gym. He wants people to know he’s not just training for recreational purposes or general aesthetics. He’s training to hurt people. This is a visible cue, a background setting to try and intimidate people.”

Kross continues for a full 13-minutes, completing a full character study on Kofi Kingston. This to build up to their match on Raw this week, and sow the seeds of doubt between Kingston and Woods in the New Day.