Photo by Ice Ribbon

Tsukasa Fujimoto Suffers Dislocated Elbow At Ice Ribbon Show

At this past Ice Ribbon “Ribbon After The Rain” show at Korakuen Hall, Tsukasa Fujimoto sustained a dislocated elbow during her match.

She challenged for Mayu Iwatani‘s IWGP Women’s Championship at the event. The match was highly anticipated as it was the first defense of the IWGP Women’s Title outside of NJPW and STARDOM. Unfortunately, the challenger, Tsukasa, dislocated her elbow about ten minutes into the bout. Referee Barb Sasaki immediately called off the match to prevent further damage, resulting in Mayu retaining her belt. Tsukasa’s tag partner, Arisa Nakajima, rushed into the ring to apply spray to the affected area.

Tsukasa then addressed the fans the following day via Twitter to explain the situation. “The IWGP Women’s Championship was stopped by the referee due to a dislocated elbow. It’s frustrating. I’m really sorry. After the match, I felt the greatness of IWGP’s Mayu Iwatani in choosing her words. I’m sorry, thank you. I’m really sorry,” she says.

Furthermore, Tsukasa provided a medical update on the status of her injury. “I had the dislocation repaired at the hospital yesterday, and am undergoing a detailed examination today. I’d like to thank the referee, Barb Sasaki. If the match had continued, my right arm would probably have been shattered. Thank you for the professional’s accurate judgment,” Tsukasa added.

As of the time of writing, there is no known timeline for Tsukasa Fujimoto’s recovery.

WrestleZone would like to wish Tsukasa a speedy recovery prior to her return to full-time in-ring action.