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Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Bruce Campbell Reflects On Working With Randy Savage On Spider-Man: ‘You Were Beautiful Too, Randy’

Bruce Campbell had some kind words to say about “Macho Man” Randy Savage, after a clip of the late wrestler resurfaced.

The actor starred alongside the WWE Hall of Famer in Sam Raimi’s 2002 movie Spider-Man. Bruce Campbell played the wrestling ring announcer who coined the name “Spider-Man” for Peter Parker in the film.

Meanwhile, Randy Savage played Parker’s wrestling opponent, Bonesaw. It was a memorable role for Savage, who clearly had an affinity for Campbell when the two worked together on set.

A recently unearthed clip posted to Twitter saw Randy Savage talking about Campbell. He said that Campbell did a good Gene Okerlund impression in his role as an announcer. Savage then gave him the nickname ‘Beautiful’ Bruce Campbell.

“Bruce Campbell was doing his ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund ring announcing impression, and he did a very, very, very good job, so we’re gonna have to give him a nickname. Beautiful Bruce Campbell!”

Campbell replied directly to the clip of the late wrestler. He Tweeted back at Randy Savage, saying that he was beautiful too.

“You were beautiful too, Randy.”

Despite only sharing one scene together, it is clear the pair have fond memories of each other on the set of Spider-man.