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Eric Young Calls The Hardys’ Return ‘A Huge Feather In TNA’s Cap’

Earlier this year, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy returned to the Nashville-based promotion. A few weeks ago, his brother Jeff Hardy also returned to the promotion. Former WWE Superstar Eric Young shared his thoughts on the brothers returning to TNA.

While speaking to Zack Heydorn for Brass Ring Media, Eric Young shared that the return of the Hardy Boyz in TNA is spectacular for the company, for the locker room, and for the fans.

“It’s a huge feather in TNA’s cap. A huge feather in the locker room’s cap and pro wrestling fans’ cap. It’s… Hardys are combined and singularly, two of the most popular performers in the last 20 years, 30 years. If you’ve ever been to a WrestleCon or any of those things, it like… It doesn’t matter who else is there. The Hardys’ line is the longest. Period. The end. And being around for a couple of Jeff returns and a couple of Matt returns, I can say that this was… I mean… For me there’s maybe a little more ownership in the company, and because of how involved I am, and how much I know and how much I’m leaned on there. Having those guys return to the company by choice is spectacular.

“Because, what it’s showing the rest of the wrestlers of the world that this is a valid choice. It is, it is an option. There’s not just two places, there’s three. And you could make a good living here. And you can be part of something that you can be proud of. Matt and Jeff, I’m not going to go into finances. But I’m sure they probably are fine, whether they worked again or not, it would be my guess. And they’re doing it because they love pro wrestling and they’re excited to be where they are.”

The Hardys returning to TNA says that it is a good place to work, says Eric Young

Young also shared that he believes that having two of the most popular stars return to TNA by their own choice, speaks about the growth of TNA.

“They chose that. That… It wasn’t…They weren’t forced or coerced or part of some weird elaborate deal that… They chose to come here because there’s people here they know and trust, I think me being one of them. And other guys saying, it’s a fun place. It’s a good place to work. It’s a great environment and it’s, to me I think it’s the best pro wrestling show on TV. Pro wrestling show on TV. Because it’s made by wrestlers for wrestlers and for wrestling fans. So yeah. When Jeff came out, it’s hard to describe that sound and that feeling.

“It doesn’t seem natural right? It’s unbelievable and so, I’ll get to experience that 10 or 12 more times throughout the summer. Which is what I’m looking forward to. Not even directly involved, just to be there. When it happens, it’s unbelievable. It’s a drug. It’s a complete drug,” Eric Young said.

What are your thoughts on The Hardys returning to TNA?