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Bully Ray Highlights How Humanizing The Wyatt Sicks Will Help Them

For several weeks, WWE had been teasing the debut of the late Bray Wyatt’s faction, The Wyatt Sicks. Last week on Monday Night Raw, the group finally made their debut. Their debut received a lot of attention and praise from fans and professional wrestling veterans. One such veteran is WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray.

As last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the Wyatt Sicks made their first appearance on WWE TV. They people were, Abby the Witch (Nikki Cross), Rambling Rabbit (Erick Rowan), Mercy the Buzzard (Dexter Lumis), Huskus the Pig (Joe Gacy), and Uncle Howdy (Bo Dallas). They had taken out several members of the production crew, and extras. Adding to the list was the leader of the Alpha Academy Chad Gable.

Recently, while speaking on the Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the Wyatt Sicks. The WWE Hall of Famer mentioned that people can never sympathize with someone unless they are humanized. Thus he believes that The Wyatt Sicks being already humanized is a good thing.

“The Undertaker, Kane, Abyss — what do they all have in common? It was very difficult to get any sympathy on them, until they were humanized. I have to feel sympathy for them. Otherwise, I’m just waiting for them to get up and kick peoples’ asses, which is what happened with The Road Warriors,” Bully Ray said. [H/T WrestlingInc.]

What was your reaction to the debut of the Wyatt Sicks?