Hulk Hogan
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Hulk Hogan Weighs In On ‘Who Killed WCW?’ Debate

Hulk Hogan has given his opinion about the death of WCW.

The WWE and WCW legend was conspicuous by his absence in the Vice documentary series “Who Killed WCW?”. As one of the company’s top stars, he seems like the obvious voice to discuss what led to the promotion’s demise.

Sadly, he did not appear, with the creators confirming on Talk Is Jericho that the deal with Hulk Hogan broke down over money. However, the WWE Hall of Famer hasn’t let that stop him airing his views about was responsible for WCW’s downfall.

Hulk Hogan spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about who really killed WCW, giving his view that was not included on the “Who Killed WCW?” documentary.

“It’s not the flashiest story, but I can tell you what killed WCW. There was no way WCW was going to survive, not under those circumstances.” Hulk Hogan said, referring to the AOL/ Time-Warner merger in 2000.

He noted that Eric Bischoff was up against TV executives who never actually wanted the show on the air. After the merger, they decided they didn’t want wrestling on the Network, which is what collapsed Bischoff’s attempt to buy the company.

Hulk Hogan gave a very sympathetic look at Bischoff, claiming Eric was up against considerable odds to win.

“So many people knock Eric (Bischoff), but there was an opposition he was dealing with from the higher-ups in the company. He just wasn’t going to win that battle. These were executives who had no idea what wrestling was all about, and they had no interest in learning. They wanted more traditional programming. They didn’t want rasslin’ in their high-brow portfolio. They weren’t interested, and nothing else mattered. “I hope it shows the odds Eric was up against. You need to tell that if you’re going to tell the whole story.”