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Michael Cole Jokes Pat McAfee Might Soil Himself Because Of The Wyatt Sicks On WWE RAW

The Wyatt Sicks have seemingly targeted Pat McAfee, as they have interrupted his daily talk show three times in the past week. Heading into the June 24 episode of WWE RAW, McAfee is apparently in their sights.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Michael Cole asked Pat McAfee about the Wyatt Sicks seemingly targeting him.

Michael Cole: “So you’re not nervous at all heading into the show tonight, live on the USA Network, with these sickos running around after what they did last week?”

Pat McAfee: “Listen, this is an actual question, and we can ask people that have been around me a long time. Have you ever seen me nervous to walk into any situation?”

MC: “No, but this is a different situation.”

PM: “You’re only nervous if you appear to be nervous. That is the only way anybody tells. You gotta walk in there, chest back. I actually might come bopping in more then I’ve ever been because I know that this is all…something is happening in that back room back there.”

MC: “You may soil yourself tonight on national television [laughs].”

PM: “Okay, Michael Cole. Geez Louise. That isn’t something that I do.”

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