mercedes moné
Photo Credit: AEW

Mercedes Moné Teases Match With Mina Shirakawa

Mercedes Moné has teased a “dream match” against Mina Shirakawa for the AEW Championship.

Both women have huge matches at Forbidden Door, but not against one another. Shirakawa battles Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s Championship, while the former Sasha Banks battles Stephanie Vaquer in a double-title match.

However, once that event in completed, we could see Mercedes Moné wrestling Mina Shirakawa in an AEW ring.

Mina Shirakawa spoke to Phil Lindsey and Righteous Reg for Fightful‘s Grapsody recently, where she spoke about potentially wrestling Mercedes Moné. She called Mercedes Moné a “superstar”, and said wrestling her was “my new dream”.

“I have never wrestled with her. We have known each other for five years. So when she came to Japan, we went out together. But we have never wrestled in the ring, so i want to wrestle with her. Mone is a superstar, but very kind to me. I respect her, and I love her. I would like to wrestle with her. It’s my new dream! A dream match”.

Mercedes Moné responded to this clip on Twitter, and seemed thrilled with the kind words about her. She said that Mina Shirakawa takes care of her, and that she wants to see her beat Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s Championship at Forbidden Door. After that, she wants to have the dream match between the two.

“Mina always takes care of me in! Her kindness I will cherish forever. I can’t wait to see you take that title this Sunday. Then we can have our match @MinaShirakawa