WWE RAW Awesome Truth World Tag Team Championship
Photo Credit: WWE

The Miz And R-Truth On Tag Title Loss: This Run Ain’t Over, That Was Just A Hiccup

Thanks to some help from Liv Morgan, Finn Balor and JD McDonagh re-captured the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Following their loss, both The Miz and R-Truth were interviewed by Jackie Redmond.

During the Digital Exclusive, R-Truth shared that he was devastated and messed up big time. The A-Lister The Miz tried to enlighten Truth once again about why

“Yeah. Yeah, you did. I told you time and time again, you don’t give World Tag Team Championship matches to just everybody. You have to earn the right. There’s a reason why we have to make it prestigious, why we have to make it honorable. You just don’t give it, especially to people you can’t stand, The Judgment Day,” The Miz said.

R-Truth also mentioned to The A-Lister that this loss was nothing more than a hiccup.

“You act like it’s over. This run ain’t over with yet. That was just a hiccup. That’s all it was, dawg. Dawg we the Awesome Truth. Is that [the title loss] supposed to stop us? That’s supposed to stop us? They got something that belonged to us. I never liked them. None of them. Tom and Nick maybe. But I never liked none of them. Let’s get back what’s rightfully ours,” R-Truth said.

The Miz wanted to walk into the Cleveland Browns stadium holding the WWE World Tag Team Championships

The former WWE World Champion also mentioned that he always dreamt of competing in his hometown as a professional wrestler. Miz also stated that he wanted to walk into the Cleveland Browns Stadium as a champion but now that will not be happening.

“Do you understand like what I wanted to do? Do you understand that we… SummerSlam is in my hometown. It’s in Cleveland, Ohio. Do I think that we are going to go back to Cleveland Brown Stadium ever? Probably not. This might be my one shot, the one opportunity, the one chance to be at the place where I grew up as a child. And I thought that we were gonna go there as Tag Team Champions. But now we don’t have those,” The Miz said.

R-Truth then intervened and mentioned that the two will work toward creating another moment for The Miz, and that is capturing the WWE World Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam in The Miz’s hometown.

“But how about winning back the WWE World Tag Team Championships in your hometown? You could have your moment like I had my WrestleMania moment. We had that moment together. The Awesome Truth is all about creating moments. Let’s create another one, and another one, and another one. But next stop, Cleveland, Ohio, your hometown. You with that?… My bad. But let’s get back to basics.” 

Can Awesome Truth become WWE World Tag Team Champions once again?