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Photo Credit: WWE

Kevin Owens Reveals His Son Has Stepped Into The Ring For The First Time

Kevin Owens has revealed that his son could be on his way to becoming a professional wrestler.

Owen Steen is his eldest child, and a wrestling fan. A clip went viral in 2015, showing him reacting to Owens’ debut on Monday Night Raw. The Canadian confront John Cena, who was a hero to a young Owen, and somebody nobody ever expected to see his dad wrestle.

It now looks like Owen Steen (hopefully WWE let him keep his last name, as Owen Owens isn’t the best wrestling name) could be following in his father’s footsteps. Kevin Owens appeared on NHL Now, where he was presenting a WWE Championship belt to the Stanley Cup winners.

Owens revealed that Owen, who is 16 now, recently got into the ring for the first time. He added that he would like to see him in the WWE eventually, and Owens’ status as a WWE Superstar gives his son the best possible chance.

“He’s [Owen Steen] 16, he’s back there. He’s six-foot-eight., he’s hard to miss. He got in the ring last week for the first time, so yeah, that might be an avenue.”

“It was pretty awesome to see. With WWE obviously, I’m able to kind of bring him to the best possible place to start training. So, it’s great to see him kind of have the interest, at least give it a shot and see what happens… Yeah, it’s a real thrill.”

Of course, this isn’t actually the first time Owen Steen has competed in the wrestling ring. A six-month-old Owen pinned AEW’s Excalibur at PWG’s DDT4 show in 2008, making him one of the youngest wrestlers of all time.

Hopefully, he can carry on training and improve on his undefeated streak in the future. At six-foot-eight, he’ll definitely be on WWE’s radar.