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Report: Pat McAfee Missed 6/24 WWE RAW Due To Family Emergency

A new report provides an update on why Pat McAfee missed the June 24 episode of WWE RAW.

At the beginning of Monday’s show, RAW commentator Michael Cole noted that viewers should not “read that much into” McAfee’s absence. McAfee had seemingly been targeted by The Wyatt Sicks, as the group interrupted his talk show three days in a row, including earlier in the day on Monday. The group hijacked his show with a power outage on June 20 and multiple “You lied” messages. This led many fans to assume that McAfee was absent because The Wyatt Sicks got to him.

Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch reports that, per sources, Pat McAfee missed RAW due to “a legitimate last-second family emergency.” As seen on WWE RAW, Nikk Cross gave Cole a box that contained a VHS tape. It’s possible that McAfee would have been the recipient instead had he been there, given the storyline.

Update: McAfee subsequently shared that his father-in-law unexpectedly passed away on June 24, and he commented on the situation while speaking on The Pat McAfee Show.

The Miz filled in for McAfee for part of the show on Monday. He later left, so Cole called some of the broadcast by himself.

There is no word on when McAfee will return to WWE programming. WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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