Matt Camp
Image Credit: WWE

Matt Camp Comments On Why He Was Let Go By WWE, The Perception Of WWE ‘Family’

Matt Camp has let slip about the details behind his WWE firing.

The former host of The Bump was released from his role four months ago, with little fanfare. This ended nearly five years with the company. His dismissal was reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, while the WWE said very little about letting him go.

Matt Camp spoke about being let go on his YouTube channel, The Wrestling Matt. He revealed an HR executive called him to say he had been let go. However, he soon rang up Michael Cole to ask the real reason behind his exit.

“I was told by Michael Cole when that happened, and he was not the one who let me go. It was an HR representative. I was told it had nothing to do with anything I did. It was a cost-cutting measure, whatever you want to call it, you know, or tightening the budget. I reached out to Michael Cole. And I said, ‘Hey, anything you could tell me?’ and he was basically, ‘Oh, okay, I guess you heard, blah blah blah,’ and more changes coming to the team.”

“I think McKenzie had been let go a little bit before that. Kevin Patrick (Kevin Egan) would move on after that. I was basically told more changes would be coming. We have seen executives leave the company and wrestlers leave the company.”

Matt Camp: The Rock Called Them A “Big Family” Three Weeks Before Firing

Matt Camp continued. He spoke about how just three weeks before he was let go, WWE legend The Rock turned up at WWE HQ. The Rock now sits on the board of directors, and took a much more hands-on approach to the continue on the run up to WrestleMania.

Camp notes that The Rock had photos with everyone, and explained why he was still employed. Despite that, he was gone within three weeks.

“Three weeks prior to my release, The Rock showed up at headquarters and told me what a big family this is and shaking hands and all. ‘We’re so happy to have you all aboard.’ I went through these town hall meetings after a bunch of cuts happened. It was very, ‘You know, you’re still here for a reason.’ Then you’re gone and people get let go. That’s part of the business. I get that. But that whole family, and Rock’s like, ‘Let’s take a picture with everybody in it because I want to show that I was here,’ and I’m in that picture. Then I’m not there a couple weeks later. It’s all who’s making the money.”