nathan frazer
Photo Credit: WWE

Nathan Frazer Advances In WWE Speed Tournament

Nathan Frazer is one step closer to more gold.

With Ricochet expected to exit WWE soon, a new WWE Speed Champion was recently crowned. That distinction, of course, belongs to Andrade, who defeated Ricochet to claim the title on the June 14 episode of WWE Speed.

Fresh off his win, Andrade will soon pivot his attention to first challenger.

Last week, Xavier Woods beat Dijak in the first round of a mini number one contenders tournament. This week, Akira Tozawa squared off with NXT Tag Team Champion Nathan Frazer on the other side of the brackets.

Frazer stunned Tozawa with a running knee early on in the match, to which Tozawa responded with a dive through the middle ropes. Upon returning to the ring, Tozawa then nailed Frazer with a top-rope drop kick. Undeterred, Frazer remained resilient through the in-ring battle, eventually scoring the win with a Phoenix Splash.

With this victory, Frazer will now move on to face Xavier Woods in the semifinals of the tournament. The winner of that encounter will then earn the right to challenge Andrade for the WWE Speed Championship. For Woods, this would mark the first singles championship of his WWE career. Frazer, on the other hand, would gain possession of his second, having previously held the NXT Heritage Cup Championship.

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