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Cody Rhodes: Legends Saying They’re Just Here To Help The Young Guys Is A Red Flag

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes wants legends and veterans to be honest.

Speaking on Behind The Turnbuckle, Cody Rhodes described how he likes when veterans have an open mind. He stated that hearing them say that they’re just there for younger talent is a major red flag.

“I’ll tell you the number one red flag I hear,” Cody Rhodes said.”If you meet a guy who’s a legend who’s coming in on the roster, he’s gonna be active or a part-time guy who’s gonna be active, the number one red flag if you’re a young or in the middle of the pack talent is when you hear somebody say, ‘I’m just here for the young guys.’ I already know you’re not just here for the young guys. I would rather you just tell me straight-up, you know, I’m here for some of y’all, and I’m here for myself as well.’ It’s a selfish, competitive business.

“I like the most transparent people who just, ‘Hey, here’s what I’d like to do, let’s do it.’ Whenever I hear, ‘I’m here for the young guys,’ which is not often and not anytime soon, in my mind, instantly, it’s the biggest red flag ever. I’d rather him tell them he was here just for himself.”

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Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens are set to face The Bloodline at WWE Money in the Bank.

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