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Photo Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre Calls CM Punk A ‘Dumb-Headed F*ck’ Who Went Into Business For Himself

Drew McIntyre has had enough of CM Punk, and sent yet another message to the WWE superstar in a new video.

In a recent post on social media, McIntyre reflected on his recent attack on CM Punk during last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. While riding an exercise bike, McIntyre brought up Newton’s third law, stating that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. McIntyre follows “Drew’s Law,” though, which says there will be a “violent action” for every one of Punk’s action.

McIntyre went on to say bring up Punk’s post-conference at WWE’s Clash at the Castle, where he said McIntyre would never win a title as long as he’s around. McIntyre said he could’ve made sure Punk wasn’t around on Friday, but instead didn’t, and left Punk in a state where his wife will have to care for him.

In a surprise move, McIntyre then referenced Punk’s infamous comments during the AEW All Out 2022 media scrum, saying “What did I ever deserve in this life for a dumb-headed f— like CM Punk to go into business for himself?”

In the end, McIntyre said that although Punk called himself “Satan” when pushed, McIntyre is a downright “psychopath” and monster, and that he’s never hated anyone more in his entire life than Punk, and will continue to go after him.