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Trish Stratus: What Is Retirement? I’m Not Familiar With This Word

Trish Stratus has been wrestling for nearly four decades and has no plans of stopping just yet.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the News 4 Jax program Going Ringside (via Fightful) alongside fellow WWE legend Lita, Stratus was asked about her wrestling career and if she thinks it’s time to retire following her most recent stint in the ring in 2023. The WWE legend joked that she didn’t even know what “retirement” was.

“Retirement? What is retirement? I’m not familiar with this word,” Trish Stratus said. “I don’t know anything about this word. We just stay ready. That’s a general statement that we [Trish & Lita] like to live by, just in case.

“Which is good because you don’t usually have a lot of heads up on what you’re doing or what the plan is, and if you did, it most likely will change,” added Lita. “It kind of informed myself to never get too excited until you walk through the curtain. It could change five times between when you’re presented with an idea to when it’s executed.”

Trish Stratus is a worthy WWE Hall of Famer

Stratus hadn’t appeared in a wrestling ring since 2023, when she was defeated in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Payback by Becky Lynch. Stratus began her wrestling career in 1999 and quickly ascended to the top of WWE’s Women’s Division. Throughout her career, Stratus has held various championships, and her 448-day reign as WWE Women’s Champion stands as the longest reign of any women’s world championship in the 21st century.

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