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Triple H: WWE Is Not A Sport, We’re A Movie Or TV Show About A Sport

Triple H explains how WWE leans more into entertainment than sports.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H was asked about WWE’s ability to produce so much content, ranging from seven hours of TV to the various social media platforms they serve.

Triple H said there’s nothing like WWE, and the fanbase is constantly craving more. He said that WWE isn’t a sport, but compared it to a movie or TV series “about a sport.”

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“I think our fanbase is just so ravenous for it. There’s really nothing else that episodically airs…if you want to look at us, I say this a lot, we’re not a sport. We’re a movie about a sport or a TV show about a sport. So the interest of all the other things happening are just as great as what happens in the ring. But people are so interested in not only one storylines, but who are the real people behind those storylines? The drama of all of it. So if you’re younger or if you want to buy into it that much, the drama of the storylines, if you’re in a different mindset, the drama of what’s happening behind the scenes, ‘Is that guy leaving? Is he signing his contract? Is he gonna stay? I heard he’s got problems with management. They’re trying to restrict his style.’

“Whatever your mindset is, to where you want to go with this, you can go there and follow up with it on a regular basis. The content, it’s easy to watch. It’s easy to understand, so you can sit on a bus or a train or in your car and just watch clips, and they do massively well.”

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