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Eric Bischoff Would Thin Out The Talent Roster, Clearly Define A Strategy To Help Turn AEW Around

If there is one thing that WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff constantly criticizes, it is the way AEW television is produced. Not only Bischoff, but many veterans question the quality of AEW’s weekly television shows.

On the recent episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff shared his constructive criticism on how he would carry AEW moving forward. Bischoff mentioned that he would release wrestlers who are not being featured regularly on television.

“Re-evaluate the talent roster,” Bischoff said. “Get rid of the people that there’s just no reason to have around. Thin out the herd, because the roster’s too big and what’s the harm? … I don’t know what [Tony Khan’s] payroll is, but it’s got to be massive with the amount of money he’s paying people.

“They’re getting a check every week, and that’s a good thing, but there’s a lot of talent there that shouldn’t be on that roster,” Bischoff continued. “It’s a morale issue. When you’ve got 30, 40, 50, 60 people under contract that haven’t seen a television camera in months, or in some cases longer, what do you think they talk about when they talk amongst each other?”

Eric Bischoff wants the management to let the talent know what the vision for the company is

Bischoff also mentioned that he would get everybody working in the company together and let them know the strategy for the company moving forward.

“Bring everybody together and say, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, here is the vision for this company,'” Bischoff stated. “I would clearly define my creative strategy and my business strategy, so that everybody onboard had a chance to actually get onboard, or not. But everybody needs to understand what the direction of the company is.

“I would make sure the talent knew that we were moving into the storytelling business,” he continued. “This ‘athletic exhibition’ s**t that we’re doing … [is] not what the American television audience is interested in. Only a small percentage of them are, and it’s evidenced by where AEW is at over almost the last six years.” [H/T WrestlingINC.]

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