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Photo Credit: MLW

Paul Walter Hauser Added To The MLW Roster

Paul Walter Hauser continues his transition from actor to professional wrestler.

The Golden Globe-winning actor has made multiple appearances in professional wrestling over the past year. He appeared on AEW Dynamite, where Jeff Jarrett and his crew stole his Golden Globe Award after attacking the Black Bird star.

The 37-year-old has wrestled seven matches since then. The majority have been in Pro Wrestling Revolver, although he did appear at MLW Battle Riot IV, MLW’s titular battle royal-style match.

He clearly impressed in that match, as MLW announced that Paul Walter Hauser is officially part of their roster. MLW revealed on Twitter that his fighter bio is now live on their website, making him a part of the MLW wrestling roster.

Paul Walter Hauser reacted to the news on Twitter. He said he was “very excited” to be added to their roster of talents, and should indicate more appearances for the actor in the near future.

He said, “Very excited to be a part of the MLW roster!”

Tony Khan Wants Paul Walter Hauser In AEW

Following his performance at MLW Battle Riot IV, Tony Khan said he would love to see Paul Walter Hauser back in AEW.

He spoke with Scott Fishman for TVInsider, who asked him about if he wants to actor back in the company. He said:

“Yes. I want Paul to come back. He is a really good friend of mine. I met Paul in LA many years ago. He is a great person. Paul and his agent Ryan are two of my really close friends. I like Paul a lot. He is always welcome in AEW to do anything. I have so much respect for Paul Walter.”