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Bully Ray Reflects On Concrete Crypt Match: Worst Idea Ever, But A Pleasure Working With The Undertaker

Bully Ray is taking a glass-half-full approach to one of his most infamous matches.

The Undertaker wrestled Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley in a two-on-one Handicap “Concrete Crypt” Match at the 2004 WWE Great American Bash. If Taker lost, Paul Bearer would have been buried alive in a glass case filling with concrete because… reasons?

After a hard-fought battle, The Phenom managed to hit the Tombstone Piledriver on D-Von Dudley and got the win. After that, the Undertaker stepped up to the entrance ramp. Everyone believed he was going to save Paul Bearer, but instead, he did the unthinkable and buried Bearer inside the concrete crypt.

The On This Day in WWE Twitter account shared the ending of the pay-per-view reminding fans of what happened on this day two decades ago at the Great American Bash.

“#OnThisDayInWWE 20 years ago at The Great American Bash: The Undertaker wins his 2-on-1 match against the Dudley Boyz to save Paul Bearer from the concrete crypt But then: “I have no other choice. Rest in peace” ? @HeymanHustle @bullyray5150 @TestifyDVon,” On This Day In WWE tweeted.

Bully Ray took note of the tweet. He replied that although it was a pleasure to have shared the ring with a legend such as The Undertaker, the overall idea was the absolute worst.

“Worst. Idea. Ever!!! ?? But a pleasure working the Deadman. @undertaker @BustedOpenRadio,” Bully Ray tweeted.

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What do you think was the worst idea in professional wrestling history?