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Matt Hardy Legitimately Weighs Less Now Than He Did For WWE ‘Cruiserweight’ Angle

Matt Hardy revealed his 2003 weight loss angle was legitimate – and he’s in better shape today!

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion took part in a memorable angle in 2003. Hardy was battling for the Cruiserweight Championship, with Shannon Moore as his “Mattitude” follower. He wanted to win the coveted title, but had to drop weight to make the 215 lb weight limit.

This led to some entertaining segments, with Matt Hardy frantically trying to lose enough weight to compete for the belt. He eventually made it under 215 lbs and beat Billy Kidman at No Way Out to become Cruiserweight Champion for the first time.

The weight-dropping segments were a highlight at this time, and as it turns out, were necessary.

Hardy posted photos of his current physique, noting that he’s currently sitting at 202.9 pounds. His Extreme Life of Matt Hardy co-host, Jon Alba, captioned the post by writing “Legit cruiserweight.” Hardy then said he weighed less now than during the Cruiserweight angle.

Hardy later revealed that he actually did drop weight to compete in the Cruiserweight Division. He responded to a Tweet asking if he really did lose weight for those infamous segments.

The former ECW Champion revealed on Twitter that he did actually try to lose weight. He said he was around 220lbs at the time, so would have had to drop 15lbs to wrestle Kidman for the belt.

“Yes, tried my best to legit drop weight. I was constantly between 218-222 lbs during that run.”

Matt Hardy: Never Say Never About AEW Return

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy refused to rule out a return to AEW.

He left AEW earlier this year to return to TNA, with his brother Jeff Hardy joining him. He fully admits that Jeff derailed their AEW run, so did not blame Tony Khan for that.

I mean, I never say never about any place. Like people say, ‘I would never go back there.’ I know Punk said that about WWE. ‘I would never go back there’ — don’t ever say that. If you’re a wrestler, you’re willing to go back anywhere. There’s a lot of things about AEW I really enjoyed.”

“It’s just at the end, when Jeff came back, I felt like Jeff had tried to repent for his wrongdoings, and I felt like he had really worked hard to prove himself, and he was there, and he was a team player. And hopefully we’re going to get another opportunity, and once again, we got that opportunity, and that was not on Tony in the beginning, that was not on AEW, that was on Jeff.”

“And that lies solely on Jeff as he’s the one that screwed up earlier on, and I am openly admitting that. That is me speaking honestly. And we would have loved to be able to get another opportunity to do that, and to work hard, to work smart, whatever else, and to have that last great run as a tag team and have done in AEW. I would have been okay doing that.”