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Will Ospreay On 6/19 AEW Dynamite’s Low Rating: It’s Motivation To Come Back Swinging

Will Ospreay says AEW has growing pains to go through, and setbacks are motivation to come back swinging.

The June 19 episode of AEW Dynamite drew a historically low rating for a non-preempted episode of the show, which prompted plenty of criticism.

Speaking with Shakiel Mahjouri for CBS Sports, Will Ospreay shared his thoughts on the low rating.

“That one did suck to see when it came out because, for me, that was a home run Dynamite,” Will Ospreay said. “It was an excellent show. There weren’t any down points in it for me. It sucks that it was such a low rating but it’s just motivating me and I’m sure it’s motivating others to try and think out of the box and come back swinging. I’m not someone who ignores that type of s—. I see it and I take note of it.

“I put it in the checkbook and I make sure whatever we do next week, we come back swinging. We shouldn’t ignore criticism or shy away from it. We’re still a five-year company and we’re still hitting the ropes with these things. For me, AEW still has lots of growing pains to go through.”

Will Ospreat: Every Company Goes Through Growing Pains

Will Ospreay continued by noting that wrestlers and companies alike hit plateaus at five years in. He noted that WWE was at a low five years ago, but now they’re thriving. He reiterated that AEW needed to change the bar and see what they needed to do to change things up.

“As a wrestler, you find yourself hitting a plateau five years in,” Will Ospreay said. “Whether that’s within your character or your ability or trying to get booked elsewhere. There’s always that five-year growing pain. I think every company goes through it. If we look back five years to what WWE was doing, they were at a low. But the way they’re thriving right now is inspiring to everyone. It should be something to hit. We need to change the bar and see what we must do to change things up. Like I said, I’m not the type of person to shy away from it. I enjoy criticism.”

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