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Mercedes Moné: I Had A Great Experience In WWE

Mercedes Moné says that she didn’t have the same experience in WWE as Ronda Rousey.

Speaking during a recent appearance on Maggie & Perloff, Moné was asked about Rousey’s controversial comments about her time in WWE in her book “Our Fight.” Moné said that Rousey’s experience was her own, and she couldn’t speak for them, but she had a great time. (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

“That’s her experience. Get the book if you want to read that. I had a great experience there,” Moné said. “I even had a great experience wrestling Ronda. She said she had a great time and great matches out there,” Moné said.

Mercedes Moné: Me And Ronda Rousey Are Different

Mercedes Moné went on to emphasize that she and Ronda Rousey were completely different regarding their views for women’s wrestling.

“It’s news to me because of what I brought to the table for WWE and women’s wrestling,” Moné said. “What I fought for. Me and Ronda are completely different when it comes to our views for women’s wrestling.

“I am the standard, the blueprint, for a reason. I love and respect this game so much. I’m ready to fight and do everything I can for women’s wrestling. I know Ronda coming in did help a lot because of how big of a name she was in UFC and really fighting for women in that culture. I would only hope she would come to WWE to improve it and not talk bad about it.”

Moné walked out of WWE in 2022 and later signed with AEW. She won the TBS Championship at AEW Double or Nothing. Rousey left WWE after WWE SummerSlam 2023 and has since been openly critical of the company.

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