Photo by Middle Kingdom Wrestling

Yuki Kamifuku To Defend SPW Queen Of Asia Title In China

SPW Queen of Asia Champion Yuki Kamifuku will make her return to China to compete against Philippines’ Crystal later this September.

Middle Kingdom Wrestling took to their official social media pages to announce the card for their upcoming MKW Championship Supercard show. The announcement revealed that reigning SPW Queen of Asia Champion Yuki Kamifuku from TJPW will defend her title against “The Queen of Philippine Wrestling” Crystal at the event.

This match marks the first defense of the Queen of Asia Championship in China. As of this writing, its champions have defended the belt in Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. The match will also be Yuki Kamifuku’s third defense of the title. She successfully defended the title against Vietnamese-American wrestler Viva Van and SPW’s very own Alexis Lee at separate TJPW events in Japan. Yuki also currently holds the VPW Women’s Championship, which is the inaugural women’s title in Vietnam.

On the other hand, Yuki’s challenger, Crystal, has had her fair share of championship success in the past. As a renowned competitor in the Asian wrestling scene, Crystal has traveled all across Southeast Asia to wrestle against the best that the region has to offer. She is a former MyPW WrestleCon Champion under the Malaysian promotion, and she also has WWE tryout experience from the company’s visit to Shanghai, China, back in 2019.

Yuki Kamifuku and Crystal’s Queen of Asia Championship bout will take place at the Bandai Namco Shanghai Base on September 14th. Interested viewers may check out Middle Kingdom Wrestling’s website or social media pages for more information on the event.

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