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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson Explains Why He’s Excited To Take On Shingo Takagi At Forbidden Door

Bryan Danielson is ready to step into the ring again with Shingo Takagi following their epic encounter back in 2010.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Bryan Danielson recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. When asked about his match with Shingo Takagi at Forbidden Door, Danielson took the time to reflect on their last match back in 2010.

“That was during the time I was fired for WWE after choking Justin Roberts with his tie,” Bryan Danielson said. “It was a very important time for me, and I was very, very proud of that match.”

Danielson is excited about stepping into the ring again with Shingo because they have both developed greatly since their last match 14 years ago.

“What really excites me about this is how much we’ve both developed as wrestlers since then 2010,” Bryan Danielson said. “If you go through what Shingo has done since leaving DragonGate, he went to NJPW, the biggest company in Japan, he won the IWGP junior championship, and then he moved to heavyweight and won the IWGP heavyweight championship. When he’s wrestling, I’m watching.”

This match at Forbidden Door is also a quarterfinal match in the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, with a shot at the AEW World Championship at All In on the line.

“The thing I love about tournaments is it’s a real sports-like presentation,” Bryan Danielson said. “That’s my favorite style to watch and to do. Tournaments are really conducive to that.”

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What do you make of Bryan Danielson’s comments? Are you looking forward to his match with Singo Takagi tonight at Forbidden Door? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.