Ludwig Kaiser WWE RAW
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Ludwig Kaiser: Bash In Berlin Is The First Big Highlight That I Am Working Towards

Ludwig Kaiser is looking forward to Bash in Berlin later this year.

The WWE announced its first ever premium live event to take place in Germany this year. Bash in Berlin is set for August 31, 2024, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany. It will be only the second-ever PLE in mainland Europe, following May’s Backlash France.

As the only German currently wrestling on the main wrestler, Ludwig Kaiser could not be happier to return home for a major show.

Kaiser spoke with the newspaper TZ in a recent interview. He talked mainly about Germany’s chances in this summer’s Euros, but found time to discuss WWE’s recent foray into Europe.

The German wrestler called WWE’s recent trips to Glasgow and France “unbelievable”, talking about the fan culture at the shows. He cites the football culture of the cities to explain the differences between American and foreign crowds.

“What’s happening in the world in WWE right now is unbelievable. The WWE is hotter than ever. No matter where we go: the whole city turns into a huge WWE city. There are fans everywhere, people with merch. Especially in Europe. We’ve just been to France and Glasgow. Europe is kind of stealing the show from the whole world. We have incredibly good fans. Not least because of the football culture, I would say. France and Glasgow blew everyone’s socks off. People went crazy, full house. Europe has a quality feature now. Everyone now knows: Wow, things are really happening in Europe. And now we’re next in line.”

Ludwig Kaiser Thinks Bash In Berlin Is Very Special

Ludwig Kaiser continued. The German said that being the only German in the WWE for the event is “very special”. He cited Bash in Berlin as a highlight for him, even above WrestleMania.

“It’s a little more than just the event itself. It’s a whole weekend, we have Smackdown before that.” Ludwig Kaiser said. “There are different activities you can do. Everyone who gets a ticket is there for more than just the few matches. The whole feeling is incredible. Nobody does it like the WWE. On August 31st we have the really big finale with the Bash In Berlin.”

“For me, as the only German representative in the WWE, this is something very special. This is an absolute highlight this year. Our eyes in WWE are always on WrestleMania. But this is the very first big highlight for me now that I’m working towards. I look forward to marching in front of my people.