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Braun Strowman Is Open To A Match With Kansas City Chiefs’ Star Patrick Mahomes

A few months ago, Braun Strowman made a return to Monday Night Raw. When he returned, he had a confrontation with the Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Recently, while speaking to Steve Fall of Ten Count Media, Braun Strowman shared that he would love to whoop Mahomes’ rear end.

“I sure will tell you one thing. Social Media, the response on that, it sure sounds like everybody wants me to whoop his a**. So, I mean, if we can set it up… I… It’s probably going to be hard to get some ink on paper with what KC’s paying and what WWE’s paying. But if we get enough fans behind it with their money paying, we might be able to make it happen. I don’t know. It’d be really cool. The interaction was really cool.”

Strowman also claimed that Mahomes was not as big as he thought he was.

“I really thought Mahomes would be a little bit bigger than that,” he stated. “And his boys he brought with him too. I mean, they’re big boys but I mean, when you are standing next to the Monster of All Monsters… That’s what I told him. I was like, ‘Look, if you are going to bucket me, you better bring the whole offensive line. Because these two boys ain’t going to do it for you right now my man…’

“Like I said, I got no problem stepping in the ring with the best of the best in WWE. I’ll step in the best of the best with the NFL. I’ve stepped in the best of the best in Boxing, best of the best in the World’s Strongest Man. It’s just a… Just what I do,” Braun Strowman added. 

Would you love to see this match?