seth rollins
Photo Credit: WWE

Hulk Hogan: Seth Rollins Is ‘Solid As They Get’

One of the top stars of the current era of WWE is former World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan shared his thoughts on the Visionary.

While speaking to Bill Apter on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Hollywood Hulk Hogan mentioned that the Visionary is up there with the best wrestlers in the world. Hogan also called Rollins a solid wrestler and that he is an attraction.

“He’s up with the best. I mean, he’s really come into his zone, you know. He morphed through that Joker transition to turning into his. And it was just a capillary pass through that you know… that he could… that where he could find his light of passage to feel comfortable in his own skin. But yeah, he’s there bro. He’s solid as they get, he’s an attraction.”

The WWE Hall of Famer also mentioned that he cringes a bit when he sees the current generation of wrestlers perform crazy moves. Hulk Hogan wants all the wrestlers to stay fit and healthy.

“All these guys just need to stay healthy. And they’re doing the crazy stuff that we didn’t get back in the day. So, every time they go for a crazy move, I cringe,” Hulk Hogan said.

Do you agree with Hulk Hogan?