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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Zack Sabre Jr: The ‘Forbidden Door’ Is Slightly Naughty Now, I Want To Be Involved As Much As Possible

After competing in four different AEW pay-per-views, the Best Technical Wrestler in the World Zack Sabre Jr. finally picked up his first AEW PPV victory last night at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view. He defeated Orange Cassidy in a one-on-one match-up.

Following the show, at the post-event Media Scrum, Zack Sabre Jr. shared his appreciation for the unique pay-per-view Forbidden Door. He also wanted to be a part of the PPV in the future as well.

“The Forbidden Door, at first, was somewhat forbidden. Now it’s slightly naughty. But what’s special about this year, is that we have STARDOM and CMLL involved. I think it’s somewhat unparalleled that we have four Global companies completely intertwined. I’m going to wrestle Hechicero for Rev Pro’s anniversary show in August. The day before AEW run Wembley for the second time. This is incredible. I was at CMLL last week, Hechicero wrestled MJF tonight. So what is going to change the industry, or at least progress it further is those four companies. Completely intertwined and I want to be as much of a… Involved in that as much as possible.”

Zack Sabre Jr. says AEW has changed the entire professional wrestling industry

The British Master also shared that he believes AEW, CMLL, STARDOM, and NJPW are the promotions that will help the business progress further.

“To be able to wrestle in America… I mean AEW has changed the entire industry. Because, to be able to have a large-scale American Company, that completely respects Pro Wrestling, did not exist before. And it only has had a paramount influence on every other company here. I think we’re at the time now where people just respect and admire quality wrestling. And then also, the main event tonight.

“Like I said this to other people, the main event, the expectation of Will versus Swerve, from naive people would be like, ‘Oh, these guys are gonna have a crazy match.’ The match wasn’t special because it was a crazy match, the match was special because people are completely invested in both of their characters and how much depth they have. And it’s almost like a bonus that they are so immensely skilled. So I think, like, I am motivated as a British Wrestler because now it’s unparalleled,” Zack Sabre Jr. said.

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