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MJF: I Pick My Spots, It’s Not The Right Time For Me To Chase AEW World Title

MJF says he’s going to win the world title again, but it’s not the right time.

When MJF returned at AEW Double or Nothing, many fans expected him to challenge for the AEW World Championship that he lost at AEW Worlds End. Instead, he entered a brief feud with RUSH before he clashed with Hechicero at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, MJF commented on not challenging for the world title immediately following his comeback.

“I know how to pick my spots. Right now is not the time,” MJF said. “I know when the time is. Right now, it’s now. Swerve is on a g**damn roll. I don’t like him. Actually, I’d go as far as far as to say I hate him. We don’t agree on anything. We look at professional wrestling in entirely different ways. I’d go ahead to say I actually have more disdain for Ospreay than I do for him. But what I will say is this, I feel bad for Will Ospreay tonight. I have never seen a guy more locked in than Shane Strickland is right now, than Swerve is right now.

“The guy is absolutely locked in. He’s next level right now, and do I want to deal with him at the moment? When he’s 100% and I am still healing from a shoulder injury? Do you think that’s bright? No. I’m a man that picks my spots.”

MJF Works Smart

MJF continued by emphasizing that he worked smart, not hard. He stated that he was the best because he was the smartest. The former champion noted that it was not the time or the place for him to challenge for the title.

“Everybody else in this company is dumb,” MJF said. “Everybody in this company works hard. Working hard is for suckers. It’s stupid. I work smart. I only spots. That title will be around my waist again because I’m the best professional wrestler in the world. The reason I’m the best professional wrestler in the world is because Ik the smartest professional wrestler in the world. But right now is not the time, not the place.”

At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, MJF defeated Hechicero in his return to in-ring action on pay-per-view.

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