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Bo Dallas Speaks With Uncle Howdy On WWE RAW, Targets ‘False Profits’

For the second week in a row, Bo Dallas shared a message on WWE RAW.

The Wyatt Sicks gave Michael Cole a VHS tape on the July 1 episode of WWE RAW. This marked the second time in two weeks that the group gave him a tape, as Dallas opened up about losing Bray Wyatt in a video on the June 24 episode of WWE RAW.

The newest tape featured another conversation between Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy. Dallas said that the Wyatt Sicks were the ones people abandoned, but they made everyone notice them.

Dallas then said that they had become a family. He turned his attention to “false profits belittling their families for their own gain.” Dallas said it was disgusting, they had to pay for their sins.

Dallas and Gowdy went back and forth, as Dallas said he was the voice of the reckoning while Howdy said he was the reckoning. He said that he gave them a family, and he was the reckoning, as Howdy’s face was spliced onto his. Bo said that he set them free. The video ended with Dallas sitting by himself, seemingly suggesting that he and Dallas were one.

The video can be seen here:

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